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NEO offers an alternative sustainable packaging solution to product categories challenged by their impact on our environment.

Independently tested by leading U.S. labs, in accordance with recognized ASTM protocols, NEO Plastics is an organic additive, FDA Compliant, GRAS Compliant and Food Grade. A strong consumer proposition, NEO offers the ability to convey a clean energy, maximum sustainability message.


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NEO Plastics packaging is available in a variety of flexible printed film options for custom packaging (snack bags, pouches, confectionary, and seafood) as well as forming films (meats and cheeses).


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NEO Plastics packaging is available in single serve coffee pods, filters and lids, utilizing your branding. NEO is easy to integrate and cost effective.


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NEO Plastics packaging is available for a variety of rigid containers for items such as cheese, dairy, and spreads.

California law prohibits the sale of plastic packaging and plastic products that are labeled with the terms ‘biodegradable,’ ‘degradable,’ or ‘decomposable,’ or any form of those terms, or that imply in any way that the item will break down, biodegrade or decompose in a landfill or other environment. These restrictions apply to all sales in or into the State of California, including such sales over the Internet. Designed in support of current EPA and Waste Management programs. NEO plastics can increase biogas production at municipal landfills, supporting biogas clean energy programs. Please check if your facility participates. Actual results may vary. Please discard responsibly.